Nail Care

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  • Service Amount : £5 - £30


Look after your nails and make them beautiful.




Gel Polish
30mins l £24

removal l £12

Gelish is a fabulous, 14 day high gloss manicure which dries instantly and will not chip, smudge or fade.  Gelish is a fantastic new soak-off product offering colour in a gel. It is applied like a polish and has the strength of gel. Gelish Nails are maintenance free lasting a minimum of 2 weeks and remains super shiny!!!



45mins l £36

The practise of applying pressure to the feet, working on a system of zones & reflex areas that reflect an image of the body can promote physical charge in the body.







45mins l £27

A dermalogica exfoliation, nail and cuticle tidy, massage and OPI Lacquer

Manicure/Pedicure with Gel

1 hour | £37


Luxury Manicure/Pedicure

1 hour l £35

A dermalogica treatment manicure/pedicure treatment includes hand/foot repair, nail work and OPI Lacquer.

Luxury Manicure/Pedicure with Gel

1 hour 15mins | £45

File & Polish

30mins l £12








The strongest & most durable nails available in

 Stiletto/Glitter/French/Crystal Clear 


Nail Extensions

1 ½ hours  £40                          


30mins l start at £30 Overlays

30mins l £30

Nail Art